10 Amazing Ways to Use Sand in the Garden (Sand Hacks for Gardeners)

Are you looking for different ways to use sand in the garden? If so, you have come to the right place. 

We have shared amazing sand hacks for gardeners. Scroll down to check them out! 

Ways to Use Sand in the Garden 

1. Sand Tool Sharpener 

Regularly sharpening garden equipment like shears, hedge cutters, and garden clippers is important. 

For this, take a bucket and fill it with coarse sand. Add 2-3 cups of mineral oil and thoroughly mix them. Next, clean your garden equipment and tuck them in the bucket. 

The abrasive sand particles will sharpen your garden tools, while the oil will protect them from rust. 

Sand sharpening method for garden tools

2. Starting Mix for Tiny Seeds

Managing and propagating tiny seeds can be overwhelming. But you can easily do it by mixing the seeds in the sand. 

Simply take a handful of sand and add tiny seeds to them. Then sprinkle the mix into a growing medium.

3. Propagating Cuttings in Sand 

You can use the mixture of sand, peat moss, and perlite as a rooting medium. This mixture’s well-draining texture maintains oxygen circulation and offers sufficient moisture for root development.

4. Using Sand as Garden Mulch 

You can use sand as an excellent garden mulch because its uneven texture can change the hydrological process. It can prevent the evaporation of water, improving soil fertility. Also, it can stop soil runoff due to wind or heavy rain.

5. Sand Landscaping 

Sand landscaping can be done in several ways. For example, you can grow raised beds, create a succulent bed, or plan a tiered garden. The free texture of the sand allows it to have multiple uses in the garden.

Sand Landscaping

6. Mixing Sand to Improve Drainage

Sand is known to improve soil’s airflow, allowing microbes to breathe. It even breaks down the organic matter into plant nutrients.

In addition, the sand particles improve drainage, which is important for plants. You can amend clay soil with sand per pot to promote drainage.

7. Use Sand to Scrub and Clean Pots

If you want to use old plant pots, thoroughly clean them to remove the salt traces and bug eggs. For scrubbing and cleaning pots, you can use sand. 

The abrasive texture of the sand makes it a good scrubber. Plus, sand is a safer option compared to chemical cleaners like bleach. 

8. Use it to Layer a Zen Garden

Do you want a minimal greenery garden to embody serenity and the predominance of nature? If yes, you can create a Japanese Zen garden by layering sand beds with large rocks and a water feature. 

Sand use in Zen Garden

9. Color and Use it Around Stones in the Garden

Another way you can use sand in the garden is by coloring it.

For this, you need a food color of your choice. First, color white sand, then layer it around the stones or flower pots to create an eye-catching landscape.

10. Use it to Layer the Sides of Pots

You can add colored sand to transparent pots to make them look more appealing. All you need to do is add a small plant to the pot, then layer it with colored sand. 

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